Peanut Butter Ice Cream Made With Almond Milk

I am a true sucker for sweets. They are seriously my kryptonite. I could just imagine it now -me being a superhero with awesome powers, but never using them because my arch-nemesis would keep throwing sweets my way. It really doesn’t matter what it is. I can’t resist brownies, cobbler, pie, and of course ICE CREAM.

My current favorite ice cream is Perry’s which they serve at Temptations in Nyack. My current favorite flavors have to be Cannoli and Bittersweet Sinphony which is coffee flavored with bittersweet fudge swirls and fudge chunks. I’m convinced they will serve it in heaven. Of course I don’t eat ice cream everyday (even though I secretly wish I could eat it with every meal) but sometimes I crave that creamy goodness!

This peanut-butter banana ice cream is dairy-free, pretty guilt free, and perfect for the summer. It only requires THREE ingredients. Yep, only three!

Frozen Bananas For Ice Cream

To make this ice cream you only need frozen banana slices,  all natural peanut butter, and your milk of choice (I prefer to use almond milk). I, of course, added some melted dairy-free chocolate chips.

Dairy Free Ice Cream With Peanut Butter

I like to pretend that this is a super unhealthy sundae (because it totally tastes like it should be). Then, I remember I don’t have to feel guilty because this “sundae” is full of primarily HEALTHY ingredients. The best part is that you don’t need an ice cream maker. All you need is a food processor which is awesome if you’re like me and have no space for an ice cream maker.



  • 3 bananas, sliced and frozen overnight
  • ¼ cup pure almond milk
  • 2 tablespoons all-natural peanut butter
  • Optional: Melted dairy-free chocolate chips for topping


  1. Slice bananas and place on parchment paper in the freezer overnight.
  2. Place bananas, milk, and peanut butter in food processor.
  3. Blend until creamy.
  4. For thicker ice cream allow it to freeze for about an hour.
  5. Top with your favorite toppings.